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Household members being a victim of domestic violence get relief with protective orders in place. The court issues this arrangement to ensure the safety of the victim specifically until a permanent solution is sought. If you are a victim and are looking to secure your life and interest, contact a reputed law firm, like the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. A lawyer Leesburg VA renders legal assistance for acquiring the protective orders, which are issued by the magistrate or judge of the state courts of Virginia.

Protective Orders lawyer in Virginia

A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA aids in obtaining the following court orders for the abused client:

  • Emergency protective order
  • Preliminary protective order

Emergency protective order in Leesburg VA

A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA chooses this provision to ensure quick safety to their client. An emergency arrangement lasts for 3 days from its date of issuance or expires on the very next day of the court session. Out of the two periods discussed, the legitimate validity of the arrangement is determined to be the one that is longer in time. A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA can also propose lawful resolutions for the affected, who needs safety, even after the expiration of this arrangement. During these circumstances, a lawyer Leesburg VA obtains a preliminary order for the victim, who requires prolonged safety.

Preliminary protective order in Leesburg VA

A preliminary order expires after 15 days or lasts until the conclusion of the court hearings. A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA considers this arrangement useful for seeking safety against a person, who falls under the following categories:

  • Household members or familial acquaintances
  • Under-aged individuals
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A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA recommends this provision if the victim is a juvenile. The protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA will be required to visit the Juvenile or Domestic Relations District Court in this case. For the cases apart from the ones mentioned above, the chosen lawyer Leesburg VA will be required to visit the General District Courts of Virginia.

The significance of a protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA

A preliminary arrangement is issued only when numerous requisites are met. A request for the issuance of this court directive is processed only when the applicant submits various application forms. If the case is to be heard at the Juvenile or Domestic Relations District Court, the protective order’s lawyer Leesburg VA will be required to submit the filled applications of their client at the Court Services Unit. If the lawsuit is expected to be handled at the General District Court, the hired protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA will be obligated to present the filled documents of the separation-seeking client at the clerk office of the district court.

After the submission of the requisite application forms, the applicant will be required to visit the courtroom for a meeting with the judge. The judge issues a preliminary arrangement only after questioning the safety-desiring party. It is advisable to attend these courtroom meetings with the company of an experienced protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA. These directives are processed at the courts with zero processing fees.

The lawyer Leesburg VA instructs the client to present the following details of the person against whom the provision is to be issued:

  • Name
  • Residential address
  • Personal identification details like social security number
  • An exact descriptive narration of the incident that led to the even
  • A photocopy of the previously issued emergency order
  • Previously issued warrants or reports that were drafted accusing the violent behavior of the at-fault party (if any)

The hired protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA will require the presence of the applicant client at the court for a minimum of 2 hours. A skilled lawyer Leesburg VA can complete all necessary paperwork and submit the client petitions within these 2 hours.

This arrangement expires only when the full court hearing concludes. A full court hearing is a courtroom gathering in which the parties of the divorce submit evidence supporting each of their claims. A protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA can help with the presentation of these proofs. The date for this hearing will be mentioned in the proposed preliminary arrangement. The hired lawyer Leesburg VA also reminds the client regarding the scheduled hearing, 2-3 days before the designated date.  

If the accused fails to attend this full hearing, the arrangement expires on the date of the hearing. Therefore, a protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA advises every person to attend all court proceedings to thereby avoid unnecessary additional consequences. It exists for a maximum of 2 years. It does not become effective until the individual against whom it is issued, is personally served with court papers. A person is considered to be personally served with court papers only when a law enforcement officer hands over these provisions to the former. A lawyer Leesburg VA can render legal assistance to acquire protective orders with no contact provisions. In case of no-contact provision, the served party is prohibited to directly contact the victim.

The served party can contact the other only after obtaining prior legal permissions for the same from the concerned court officials. The accused can express the need to contact the victim even during the scheduled hearing. A lawyer Leesburg VA can bring in changes to an existing arrangement by filling out and submitting necessary applications on behalf of the modifications-desiring party. As per federal law, every Virginian protective order is effective in the other regions of the United States of America. A lawyer Leesburg VA can render clarifications on the effectiveness of a Virginian protective order in the other states of America. Issues concerning safety attain lawful resolutions only when guided by a competent protective orders lawyer Leesburg VA.         

The Virginia Code Section 19.2-297.1 which is effective till January 1, 2022, states that keeping in mind the safety and health of the victim and on the request of the victim, the arrangement may be made for a reasonable time and this can be up to the lifetime of the victim and it shall expire on the last day at 11.59 p.m. as mentioned by the judge.

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