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Military divorce involves one or both parties, who belong to the armed forces. A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA is specifically qualified in handling non-civilian marriage dissolution. An attorney will not be as efficient as a specialized military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA while dealing with non-civilian matrimonial separations. A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA is aware of the exemptions granted to non-civilian dissolution, unlike in the case of civilian legal separations. A unique set of laws governs these kinds of marital separations. In almost all cases, the defense unit does not interfere in the personal issues of its soldiers since the Virginian government assumes complete control over every familial issue.

Consider the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. to resolve issues pertaining to non-civilian dissolution. Our military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA can provide the best insight on the process of dissolution.

Military Divorce Lawyer Leesburg Virginia

Explained herein are some of the special considerations recognized for non-civilian marriage dissolution:

  • Pension & retirement benefits

Retirement benefits are the most significant assets of a person, who is enlisted in the armed forces. A pension is an allowance that is granted to soldiers, post-retirement. If a non-civilian member opts for dissolution, these retirement benefits are also taken into considerations while deciding on wealth allocations for the splitting couple. A lawyer Leesburg VA is cognizant of the ways with which these military benefits are divided. Every military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA considers the following factors while resolving issues concerning the division of pensions.

  • Duration of the marriage
  • The reasons that led to the separation.

The spouse of an active or retired soldier is also eligible to acquire a portion of these benefits. Thus, the partner of a non-civilian member can hire a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA to acquire rightful compensation.

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A common man will not have clear ideas on the jurisdiction under which non-civilian dissolution should be filed. In specific, the non-civilian spouse can be stationed in a country/state that is different from that of the civilian partner. Thus, in these cases, the couple faces uncertainties while determining the jurisdiction under which the dissolution should be processed. During these circumstances, a lawyer Leesburg VA would generally recommend the couple to go by the directions recognized by the state law. An individual, who faces difficulties in comprehending these state laws, is required to consult a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA.


In a regular matrimonial separation, at least one of the divorcing spouses is mandatorily required to have been a resident of Virginia, before the registration of the divorce. Additionally, at least one of the lawfully separated partners is required to stay in Virginia, post the finalization of the divorce decree. But this specific residential requirement is withdrawn for a non-civilian legal separation. In a matrimonial termination, the spouse should have been an active soldier in one of the regiments of Virginia. However, the divorced soldier is not necessarily required to serve within Virginia, post the lawful approval of the sought dissolution. A lawyer Leesburg VA can provide effective legal consultations on the means by which these residential requirements can be met. The processes of a marital split-up can be quickened and smoothened only when these residential requirements are met well ahead of the commencement of the divorce lawsuit. Thus, a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA ensures that these requisites are fulfilled by the parting couple, before proceeding with the court procedures.

In addition to financial benefits, an active or non-active soldier is either granted residential allowance or conferred with the mansions. The spouse of a soldier is also lawfully permitted to stay in the quarters that is allocated to the former. The non-civilian spouse has no right to ask the civilian partner to vacate the military mansion as soon as the divorce is legalized. The civilian spouses are permitted to live in these houses up until they find new residential provisions. A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA aids the civilian partner in obtaining legal approval for coexistence with the spouse up until new alternatives are found. Residential issues can be easily resolved only under the guidance of a lawyer Leesburg VA.

Child and spousal support

The military law considers it mandatory for service members to assume responsibilities over the welfare of their familial acquaintances, (specifically married partners and children), upon facing separations. Issues like child custody and alimony are strictly governed with the help of non-flexible regulations. A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA is well acquainted with the functioning of these regulations. Thus, an experienced military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA can provide detailed clarifications on the significance of these regulations.

Responding to court orders

A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA initiates the procedures of dissolution by issuing court orders to the spouse of the considered client. The partner, who receives these court orders, is required to respond to the same within a certain period. In a regular divorce, a failure to render timely responses to these court orders is regarded as a violation as a result of which the separation requesting spouse turns eligible to seek default divorces. A military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA does not observe the same set of provisions in a non-civilian dissolution. For in the case of military legal separation, the non-civilian spouse may not promptly respond to these court orders as a result of being deployed for active service. In these cases, the court orders a temporary stay of court proceedings, either after considering the requests of the considered service member or on voluntary grounds. A military spouse can also seek lawful extensions for the 90-day stay period with the help of a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA.

Hiring a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA

A non-civilian spouse should hire a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA for effective legal representation since the former need not be physically available at all times. A non-regular divorce is acquired upon completion of a varied set of procedures that seem physically and mentally tiring without the assistance of a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA. An experienced military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA should be considered as an active member of a non-civilian dissolution, apart from the separating parties. Therefore, it is beneficial to have a military divorce lawyer Leesburg VA at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., alongside while seeking these kinds of marriage dissolution.

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