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Domestic violence has a wide-ranging connotation than just physical violence on a household member. Before you could wink you could find yourself in the middle of domestic violence charges or even protective orders being slapped on you. When enmeshed in the controversy it is best to understand what exactly domestic violence means, so speak to a lawyer in Leesburg VA. It could include a broad range of offenses like physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, threats, cyberstalking, economic threats, physical stalking, and more. The list is unending when it comes to the offense and some are severe to lead to felony charges too. If you are accused of the offense, contact the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., and get the assistance of our domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA. The term domestic relates to people in the household – it could be a spouse, children, partner, sexual partner, parents, in-laws, siblings, etc., of the household. The penalties are severe and some may even include prohibiting them from returning to their home. If you are criminally convicted then you may face incarceration as well. The consequences are dire and hence never delay hiring a domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA. The quicker a lawyer dealing with domestic violence in Leesburg VA steps in the better are the chances of acquittal.

Victims of domestic violence

People under the same roof often get into arguments and it can be resolved over time. But when these arguments escalate into a physical attack, it turns out to be a perfect case of domestic violence and requires the assistance of a lawyer Leesburg VA to protect the rights. Forceful detention, using violence against a family member, the threat of violence that may result in a physical injury is classified as assault and battery. Based on the circumstances, the charges can range from Class 1 misdemeanor to Class 6 felony and needs a domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA.

Alimony Lawyer

Your lawyer Leesburg VA will inform that for legal purposes, domestic violence is not restricted to just spouses but can encompass other family members in the household and this includes even spouses not living under the same roof, stepparents children, siblings, stepchildren, grandparents, grandchildren, ex-spouses even if they do not live with the perpetrator. 

Even those who cohabitate or have been in cohabitation in the last 12 months with children can also be accused of the crime. Contact domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA for support.

Reasons for domestic violence

There are countless reasons for a household assault to happen. It could be in the spurt of anger or grudge pent up over a period of time. Whatever may be the case, an assault is a serious crime and can leave you with a record contingent upon the intensity of the attack. Speak to your domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA to protect the rights and ensure you understand the defenses that can be used to save yourself. Remember the crime can leave a negative stigma and even just an accusation is enough to ruin your life. This makes it important to seek the advice of domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA. The accused can have limited access to their household and their family members if protective orders are sought from the court. The domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA is your only source of respite to get you out of the case as quickly as possible.

Defense strategies by lawyer Leesburg VA

The only way to prevent a conviction is to build a strong defense. The lawyer in Leesburg VA can build a defense depending on the accusation. The weak points are accessed by the domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA to build a watertight defense. Remember that each case is unique and the strategies used are also different. The accusation can come with a host of other criminal charges and hence it is important for the domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA to understand what is on the charge-sheet. Once charge-sheeted contact domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA to work on your case.


The police are often not witnesses as they seldom show up when the assault is actually happening. They arrive only after the assault and try to take witness interviews and recreate the scene. In some cases, the police even end up charging the victim, leaving the abuser. This normally happens based on the gender roles or physical appearance of the person. One of the defenses used by a lawyer in Leesburg includes proving the assault was made in self-defense for protection from the attack or threat of attack. For those with a history of violence, the domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA can easily use it as a self-defense strategy.

False allegations

False allegations are common in a household assault, so call a lawyer in Leesburg VA without hesitation. The police may act based on the accusations of the household members like the co-parent or spouse. The reporting person may give false complaints to gain a better stance in a child custody case. The court takes it seriously when protection orders are in place when a custody case is live. The protective orders may be slapped with immediate effect. Since the stakes are high do not wait, engage a domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA immediately to prove the allegations are untrue. Also remember a false allegation is illegal and can land the complainant in trouble. If your domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA could prove it, you are in an advantageous position.

Misinterpretation of the complainant

In certain cases, the neighbors are the ones calling the police and there may be a chance of a complete misunderstanding of the situation. Imagining the loud noise and argument to be domestic violence, they call 911. When the police arrive at the scene to see accidental injuries like cuts, bruises, etc., and take it as domestic violence. A domestic violence lawyer Leesburg VA may seek medical expert certification on the nature of the injury and testimony from the victim to move in your favor. The assistance of the lawyer in Leesburg VA from the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. evaluates all the possible angles to build a strong case, ensuring the victory of our clients.

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