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Several reasons can lead to the parting of a couple but it must be understood that divorce and annulment are not the same. An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA can elucidate on the factors that differentiate a divorce from an annulment. The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. with our lawyers in Leesburg VA can provide clarity on the issue.

One main ground of differentiation is the factor of legality. In specific, matrimonies that are terminated using annulment orders are considered to have never existed under legal contexts. On the other hand, a marriage that is dissolved using a divorce decree is lawfully removed from its existing judicial presence. Only upon visiting an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA, a couple gets to comprehend the distinguishing attributes of both these approaches.

Annulment Laws in Virginia

An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA is familiar with the following statutes that are recognized as acceptable grounds for annulment:

  • If one or both the parties are under-aged (below 18 years of age) at the time of marriage;
  • If a spouse gets remarried before the lawful termination of the previous marriage;
  • If an ancestor gets into a marriage with a descendant;
  • If the marriage is performed between siblings;
  • If an aunt and a nephew or an uncle and a niece enter a conjugal relationship;
  • If one or both the marital parties lacked maturity, physically or mentally, to offer voluntary consent for marriage;
  • If one of the partners concealed important personal facts from the other.

An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA can help in dissolving a marriage only if it is found defective and fraudulent in any aspect. It is only these defects that aid in obtaining a legal separation. An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA can assist a couple only when several mandatory conditions are met. This method of separation is not applicable for all circumstances. But the couple, specifically seeking this mode of parting, is advised to consult an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA for legal assistance.

The marriage is dissolved in such a way that no traces of its possible past occurrence is felt or recognized. Once when a marriage is annulled, it is nullified and made void in the eyes of the Virginian law. An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA is acquainted with the misconceptions that surround this kind of marriage dissolution. In specific, many individuals believe that dissolving the marriage is the quickest way to attain legal separation, but this fact is completely not true. An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA will never request for a marital split up by just relying on the factor of the duration of marriage of the parting couple. A marriage can be dissolved only when proved the matrimony is legally found to be inappropriate and invalid.

An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA is familiar with the three main grounds that are officially declared valid for acquiring this mode of separation. The grounds include:

  • Defective marriages
  • Fraudulent matrimonies
  • Concealment of crucial facts
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Defective marriages in Leesburg VA

If a married individual marries another individual without obtaining a lawful termination for the previous matrimony, the subsequent marriage is considered invalid. An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA would regard incestuous matrimonies as defective marital unions as well. Incestuous marriages are performed between closely related familial members. Finally, if one of the two wedded parties is found to be legally non-eligible to enter into a marriage, the performed matrimony is acknowledged to be unlawful. A lawyer Leesburg VA is specifically qualified for acquiring annulments for the above-mentioned defective marriages. Thus, people with faulty matrimonial experiences should consult an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA for legal help and support.

Fraudulent marital unisons in VA

An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA would easily annul a marriage that was performed on the grounds of one or more fraudulent motives. During these circumstances, the victimized spouses should establish that they were cheated upon or misled by their spouses to engage in fraudulent weddings. The factor of ‘betrayal’ is the deciding component in these scenarios and hence the same should be firmly established with the help of a lawyer Leesburg VA.

The following are some of the marriages that are legally recognized to be invalid:

  • If in a green card marriage, one of the partners was fooled by the other, who faked personal identities and citizenship qualifications, the lawyer in Leesburg can get your marriage dissolved;
  • If a woman misled a man by falsely claiming that the latter is the father of the child that the former is pregnant with.

It is not simple or easy to prove the fraudulent behaviors of the at-fault spouse. Therefore, it is beneficial to have an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA alongside in these circumstances. Every aspect of the reported fraudulent motive should be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If the reported accusations are intangible as in the case of fraudulent emotions and objectives, the aspect of proving becomes challenging. However, an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA is capable of proposing and employing the best strategies that ably establish the allegations recorded against the guilty spouse.

The spouses get to know about the ways with which a case should be approached only upon consulting an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA. If an annulment is lawfully impossible, a lawyer Leesburg VA suggests alternatives that meet the desires and requirements of the splitting couple.

Concealment of facts

If one of the partners fails to reveal crucial personal details to the other before the wedding, the registered marriage can be made invalid using an annulment. Here the concealed information should be significant to an extent that it could have possibly changed the decision (regarding the acceptance of the considered at-fault partner) of the innocent spouse if revealed earlier.

The following are some of the details that are often reported to have been hidden from an innocent partner:

  • Infertility
  • Getting a person, outside the marriage, pregnant within 10 months from the date of the wedding
  • Prior criminal records
  • Prostitution histories

Significance of an annulment lawyer Leesburg VA

An annulment lawyer Leesburg VA does not regard marital termination as just a relationship breakup. The hired lawyer Leesburg VA will be additionally entitled to deal with varied aspects like alimony, child support, and division of wealth during the processing of an annulment. Thus, couples, who seek annulments, are initially advised to contact or hire a lawyer Leesburg VA for acquiring a better understanding of the necessary legal requisites. Call our lawyers at the Law Offices of SRIS, P.C., right now for more details!

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